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titleMalabari Associations in Malaysia


The Malabar Muslim associations were formed in initially Malaysia and Singapore to see to the welfare of the community members. These associations were formed by the professionals and the white collar workers within the community with strong backing and support from the then majority business community. The aim then was to look into  financial support for needy in community as well as to organize religious and social functions.

There is a changing trend in the associations with the changing social needs of the community with more attention being paid into social and community development. There is also a change in the social strata of the members as communication improves, where the rural community is playing a more important role than previously seen.


Persatuan Malabari Malaysia

Persatuan Malabari Malaysia was formed 7 years ago with the aim forming a national level organisation to look into the social needs of the community. It is based in Ampang , Kuala Lumpur and has more than 200 members. Its activities are mainly aimed at the younger generations such as social activities,  bowling and golf competitions This association also has a strong ladies wing providing activities for this group.

Kerala Muslim Jamaat of Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan

Kerala Muslim Jamaat of Selangor and Wilayah Persekutuan and Kuala Lumpur is the oldest association in Malaysia taking its origin in 1956. Its name was changed from 'Malabar Muslim Jamaat' to 'Kerala Muslim Jamaat' in the 1960 to solve the discord existed back then.  Its current membership stand at above 500 members  although at one time it boasted of a membership of above 500 people. This association plays a traditional role and conducts religious activities. The main function conducted is the annual Maulud-ur-Rasul celebrated grandly with more than 8 thousand  packs of rice distributed.

Jemaah Malabar Muslim Negeri Johor

Jemaah Malabar Muslim Negeri Johor is by far the largest Malabari association in Malaysia. Started in 1964 as Malabar Muslim Jamaat, its name was changed to Jemaah Malabar Muslim Negeri Johor to meet with the local challenges . With membership of more than 8000 individual this association has its own 5 storey building in Senai called 'Wisma Malabar' and runs 27 Madrasahs in Johor. The activities includes social, religious, sports, educational and cultural functions, some even conducted at national level. There is also good  cooperation between this organisation and  other Indian Muslim as well as Malay organisations

Persatuan Malabari Melaka 

Persatuan Malabari Melaka is the youngest association with more than a hundred members.  Although relatively small this association has been conducting the Annual Malabari Convention in Melaka where social issues pertaining to the are brought up and discussed.