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titleInformation Technology

Information technology is playing an increasingly important role in the work and personal lives of everyone. Computers,  digital information,  and software are all the constituents of the information age and they are they are  everywhere.

There are some  who search aggressively for opportunities to learn more about information technology while at the other end of the spectrum are others who choose not to learn anything at all about information technology. The majority who lie in between these two extremes, tare those who recognize the potential value of information technology for their everyday lives and who realize that a better understanding of information technology will be helpful to them. This is the group these pages are meant for.

Apprehension when faced with the ever changing information technology can be due to many reasons. The main reason for most is because the information technology has entered our lives over a relatively brief period of time with little warning and essentially no formal educational preparation for most. As such, many who currently use information technology have only a limited understanding of the tools they use and  are underutilizing them

 Generally, "computer literacy" implies competency with a few of today's computer applications, such as word processing and e-mail. Literacy may be too simple a goal  as in the presence of rapid change in technology,  existing skills become obsolete within a short period. Thus a better solution is for the individual to learn, to adapt to the ongoing changes in the technology. Learning sufficient foundational material is therefore essential to enable one to acquire new skills independently later on



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