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titleThe Malabari Culture


A community is identified by its culture. With is continuous assimilation the Malaysian community, the Malabari culture has changed much from its original form.

As in any other Muslim community many aspect of the Malabari culture is related with religion. Islam was brought to Kerala by traders and sea farers directly from the Arab Peninsular especially from Yemen. The finer aspects of religious practices, such as the widespread reading of Haddad Ratib ( Yemen in Origin )s eems to support this. Not to mention there are also  many similarities in terms of  the costume, food , architecture and music between these two region.

The language and some cultural practice are definitely local in origin, Some such practice thought to be less Islamic was later dropped. Where as some has changed in form  to what it is today.

As many of the forefathers  of the Malabaris in Malaysia left Kerala in the late 19th and early 20th century, some practices no more found in Kerala is still embraced here in Malaysia. On the other hand, many more has been given a local flavour and has since evolved into a culture which is uniquely Malaysian.

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